Luxury bath soak

Luxury bath soak

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• Lavender & Hemp bath soak 🧖🏽‍♀️
This soak will leave your skin feeling extremely soft. This works wonders for an pedicures home. This soak will leave your feet & skin extremely soft. This soak is infused with hemp oil , lavender oil & grape seed oil. The aroma of this soak will calm & relaxed you . Dried  lavender buds gives this bath soak a luxurious feel without the spa price.

Rose garden bath soak 🌹
This luxurious bath soak is packed with real dried rose petals . Great for a luxurious spa day at home. This soak is infused with all natural oils to leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated .

•Self love bath soak  🥀 
Our self love bath soak is an essential for some alone time in the tub. This bath soak is very relaxing and luxurious. The dried rose petals in this soaks feels amazing against the skin and adds a luxurious feel to any bath. This soak is packed with pink Himalayan salt to help calm your mind and body. This soak will leave your skin feeling it’s very best .

Flower garden bath soak 🌸
Instantly relax your body and mind with our flower garden bath soak. This soak is scented with eucalyptus & spearmint oil. This soak contains rose , lavendar buds , calendula, & cornflower . This soak is perfect to use after a long day of work .

DISCLAIMER- Results may vary 
Discontinue use of this product if skin breaks out or irritation occurs. 
Test a small portion on the back of hand to ensure no allergic reaction will occur before using this product.